EICR Frequency: How Often Should You Have Your Property Inspected?

The frequency of Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICRs) depends on the type of property, its usage, and any specific regulatory or insurance requirements. Here’s a detailed guide on how often you should have your property inspected:

Residential Properties

  1. Owner-Occupied Homes:
    • Frequency: Every 10 years.
    • Rationale: Regular inspections help ensure that the electrical installations remain safe over time, identifying any deterioration or wear and tear.
  2. Rented Properties:
    • Frequency: Every 5 years or at the change of tenancy.
    • Rationale: Landlords are legally required to ensure that the electrical installations in their rental properties are safe at the beginning of each tenancy and are maintained throughout.

Commercial Properties

  1. General Commercial Buildings (Offices, Shops):
    • Frequency: Every 5 years.
    • Rationale: Regular inspections ensure that the electrical systems can handle the demands of business operations and remain safe for employees and customers.
  2. Public Buildings (Schools, Hospitals, Care Homes):
    • Frequency: Every 5 years.
    • Rationale: These buildings have a duty of care to protect the public, making regular inspections critical to maintaining safety and compliance with regulations.
  3. Industrial Units:
    • Frequency: Every 3 years.
    • Rationale: The harsher operational environments and higher electrical loads in industrial settings require more frequent inspections to ensure safety and reliability.

High-Risk Environments

  1. Swimming Pools:
    • Frequency: Every year.
    • Rationale: The combination of water and electricity increases the risk of electrical hazards, necessitating more frequent inspections to ensure safety.
  2. Caravan Parks:
    • Frequency: Every year.
    • Rationale: These environments are more susceptible to wear and tear and environmental factors that can affect electrical safety.
  3. Petrol Stations:
    • Frequency: Every year.
    • Rationale: The presence of flammable materials requires stringent safety measures, including regular electrical inspections.

Additional Considerations

  1. Change of Use or Major Renovation:
    • Frequency: After any major renovation or change in the use of the property.
    • Rationale: Significant changes to the property can affect the electrical installations, requiring an updated assessment to ensure continued safety.
  2. Insurance Requirements:
    • Frequency: As specified by the insurance policy.
    • Rationale: Some insurance providers may have specific requirements for the frequency of EICRs to ensure that the property remains insurable.

Summary of Recommended EICR Frequencies

  • Owner-Occupied Homes: Every 10 years.
  • Rented Properties: Every 5 years or at the change of tenancy.
  • Commercial Buildings: Every 5 years.
  • Public Buildings: Every 5 years.
  • Industrial Units: Every 3 years.
  • Swimming Pools: Every year.
  • Caravan Parks: Every year.
  • Petrol Stations: Every year.
  • After Major Renovations: As needed.
  • Insurance Requirements: As specified by the insurer.

Regular EICRs are essential for maintaining electrical safety, complying with legal and insurance requirements, and ensuring the well-being of occupants and users of the property.